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lomhara said: Hey gorgeous, thanks for the follow, I love your blog! xx

thank you, you too!xx

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parabeckons said: you're worrying me, please tell me you're ok!! i know its hard, i offered to help you but you didnt respond. please reply!! i llove you xx

i’m so sorry, thanks so much for being here for me, you dont know how much it means to me!! i was in the hospital for a while and took a lot of time away from everything, but thank you so much i love you xx

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So guys, i haven’t been on tumblr for a very long time, and i just want to tell you why. A few months back, i got sick of it all and i tried to overdose. I had the pills, and without hesitation, i took them. I won’t say how many, but there were a lot. I was ready to die. My skin turned pale, my body turned numb and i lay on the floor, almost lifeless.

This is it.

I thought i was dying. I wasn’t. I didn’t leave a note or anything because I thought that nobody cared, but then my brother walked in. He saw me curled up on the floor. He was distraught. 

Anyway, you can all probably guess what happened after that as i’m not dead, but i spent a few months in the hospital. So, yeah, i’ve tried to shut everything out and just tried to sort my life out, but i’m better. Im not okay but i’m stronger than i was before. So that’s it really, there isn’t much to say at all.

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